每天5分鐘 眼睛健康真輕鬆

5 minutes a day keeps the doctor away
Nowadays, "Eyecare" is an important task for both adults and children, and the "Yui Eyecare Method" is the healthiest and least burdensome way to take care of your eyes. Every day, you just need to spend five minutes using our "Eye Health Concentric Circles" to care for your eyes and keep them healthy and bright.

Highlights of Using Eye Health Concentric Circles:
First point: (front of the card)
" Movement Principle of Eye Health Concentric Circles ": It uses the principle of tension and oscillation amplitude movement to keep eyes healthy.
(In humans, if you want a healthy body, you must exercise. Exercise can increase the body’s oxygen content and activate cells. However, when you open your eyes, they start working and rarely exercise. The "Yui Eyecare Method" is designed to increase the oxygen content of the eyes through comprehensive exercises. Then, the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and cells of the eyes can be activated.)

Second point:
Explanation of the "Yui Eyecare Method"
Please follow the four steps described on the card to complete the action, but note that the fourth step is specifically described. After completing steps one to three in sequence, the fourth action is simply to relax. Let your eyes face the concentric circles and follow the changes in them. No special rotation of the eyeballs is required.

Third point: (back of the card)
Eye health testing

This is a retinal macula test, which is easy and convenient. Macular degeneration is a common cause of eye-blindness. At present, 1 in every 10 people over the age of 65 in Taiwan suffers from macular degeneration, and the phenomenon is getting worse. Regular self-testing is recommended and can be completed by following the steps on the right. Therefore, if signs of lesions are found, further testing is recommended.
(2). “Self-examination form for groups at high risk of glaucoma”:
Glaucoma is also known as the "invisible killer of blindness". The rate of occurrence of glaucoma in those under the age of 40 has increased by more than 20%. The self-examination form is used as a reminder to be aware of the groups at risk of glaucoma.